Resolutions are Bulls***

Yeah, I know, another one of those types of posts with a horrible title, but we all have to start somewhere right? Or start over… Again…

I suck at blogging. Partly I think it’s the effort involved. Partly that I get these well thought out ideas going, only to realize I have no desire at the time to get on a computer or into my bullet journal. So while I had the idea that I wanted to ring in the New Year with blogging and getting this website together again, it is already the 15th. Failed, right?

Not really. The sentiment behind “New Year, New Beginning” is great, but I, like many others, tend to set these unrealistic goals. It’s ridiculous, stressful, and if we so much as think we’ve failed a little bit, we completely derail and give up.

Baby steps, people.

This year, I have nothing but intentions. 4 big intentions I’d like to accomplish through the means of tiny goals that can be done at any time, and if slightly derailed, no big deal, just keep going.

Random side note: I think the guy that just walked by my office was wearing a cow hat. I don’t know and even if that’s not the case, I’m going with it.

So back to the 4:

1.      Health – adopt little changes

2.      Wealth – regain control of finances

3.      Cycling – ride more; do more

4.      Simplify – live with less

Darn it, he wasn’t wearing a cow hat.

Anyway, I’d like to elaborate on the above 4 in larger, monthly posts on each one. Maybe cover one of the topics per week. But in the short term, I’ll give you an idea of what I am currently doing or would like to do currently relating to each.

Health: just before the New Year, I read Nigel Mitchell’s Fuelling the Cycling Revolution: The Nutritional Strategies and Recipes Behind Grand Tour Wins and Olympic Gold Medals. As I continue on my cycling journey, I’m working on my nutrition balance and have started adopting some of his suggestions.

Wealth: Currently on a “No Spend January”. This means no unnecessary spending for the month. I have slipped up, but not horribly, and I’m still doing way better than I would be.

Cycling: I’m heading into my second year with the development team that I’m on. I’ve also invested in Zwift and a smart trainer, which have made riding inside both more challenging and more enjoyable. Also, shameless plug here, I am riding the 75 mile option for Velosano 5 this year. I have a $1500 goal and all proceeds go to cancer research at the Cleveland Clinic. I’ll be riding with the Cleveland Indians team and on behalf of several friends and family who have been dealt serious blows by this ravenous beast throughout their life. You can donate here.

Simplify: I really got into the musings of The Minimalists last year and with moving into an apartment, and then in with my boyfriend within the year, I realized I’ve simply acquired too much stuff. I intend to continue downsizing.

So that’s really it for the moment. We all have to start somewhere, so this year I see as a year of intentions and growth. We’re already halfway through the month of January, which is crazy, so let’s see how things go for the rest of month and from there on out.

Baby Steps